Thursday, September 25, 2014

Youth in Action

The article is about an organization named Youth in Action that provides youths with a voice to take charge and make changes for what they believe in. I think this a great organization because the youth are the ones in charge of every move of the organization.  I found this reading to be interesting. I believe that the main point of this reading was to give youth their own space to think, so youth has a voice.


I connected with this reading because I grew up in Providence and like Adeola oredola when she walked to into college she felt “underserved by my education before getting to college.” I felt the same exact way when I first got to college, I felt that I was not prepare. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get where you need to be. I remember I had to push myself more than the other students because I didn’t know the material necessary to be a successful college student. I think that’s why I decided to work with youth because I want to help students to be prepared when they get to college or anything they decide to do.


I believe that Youth in Action is doing a good job helping the youth have a voice. I believe it’s important to have a voice especially when you feel that you’re being cheated on from your education. I wish when I was younger I would of heard of Youth in Action because I could of worked on my self-esteem because I could of done more.


Overall I think that Youth in action is a great place where the youth could project their voices and fight for what they believe in.

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  1. I agree as well that from what I see in class every week that they do a wonderful job with activities and advocate for themselves. I really liked your picture.