Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nakkula chapter one

The Construction of Adolescence
Nakkulat Toshalis first chapter in The Construction of Adolescence was a great read. I liked the fact that it had the story of Ms. Petersen and Antwon, it made it easy to read. I believe having the story made it to understand the reading.
This first chapter was about the relationship between imagine from past experience and they interpret the theories. Nakkula talks about Antwon’s behavior and self understanding are being affected by Ms. Petersen’s toward him. The reason Antwon acts different toward Ms. Perersen is because of the contribution and authorization she gave to him. According to Nakkula, the key is that educators thinking should be transparent as possible for students to connect with them.
I believe that educator should not base experience to new students. Also should not place preconceived judgment onto other students.
For educator it is important to understand their student’s way of thinking and how they think. It is important to understand where they are coming from and respect where they came from. Its important to listen “Educator must understand the approximate level or nature of their student’s thinking.”
A way to have a connection with a students is to work as a team. The teacher might have the title that does not mean  they have all the knowledge in every situation.  The way a teacher gains knowledge is from their student learning how there are thinking and process the information.

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  1. yes I agree with with you that it is important to understand where the student is coming from and respect where they came from.