Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Primary Support

A Primary support is often for young people, they participate on a voluntary basis. Some of the activities are for parents to be involves as well.  It often a variety of cultural, athletic, social and recreational.  Some of the primary support are made up by part time and volunteers. You will find these primary support near schools or communities.

A few examples for these primary support will be the YMCA, YWCA, Boy Scouts and the 4- H club. These are some of the oldest support. But the oldest is the YMCA that was founded in England in 1844.

These primary support organization are flexible for empowering youth.  But they are limited of training and experiencing of many staff.’’ Primary support organizations share a commitment to meeting the normal developmental needs of young people rather than focusing on their problems.” It is more important to focus on the children rather than the problem of the organization. A lot of the primary support programs are organized around the goals not academic of young people, but it’s also physical, social and emotional. Primary supports are there to make the person stronger to strive for the better such as academic and leadership skills.

I believe that these primary support are good for young people. I feel it helps them to build themselves up. Many young people don’t have a parent or someone at home that could help them with homework, and this a great way to meet people, get help and build themselves up for the better.

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