Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ullucci article

The Ullucci
article shows us how poverty affects youth. Poverty affects Schools, they are separated
by different classes. Also  they are divided
by race. Its happens to be that schools are being separated to geographical area
the minority schools end up going to the same school. Where there is lack of resources
for these students.  Many schools today
are being segregated. Many will argue this is not true. But if you think about
it, it’s true. Where parents have more money there are better education. But in
urban the education is not so great.  In
the Ullucci article also shows that children that come from   an
impoverished background move from place to place or are homeless (Ullucci,
2014). Many children living in poverty are seen as the “other” (Ullucci, 2014).
People may say that those who are living in poverty are lazy or don’t want
to live a different life than what they are in right now.  This is not the
case. There are many factors that come with living in poverty.


This reminds
me of  Digital Natives (Prensky) school
are low in resource because there are less resources for these students that
live in urban areas where there are not getting all the resources and the
education needed. Where there are not expose to digital. In the long run its
going to affects them. Where we are living in a digital world

I am
planning to stay in the city of Providence (urban)  and work with the community. I would like to
work with the school department to try to make education better. I like the
fact that in Providence there are a lot diversity . Working in the urban area
will help me be able to learn what can make the city of Providence better. I
would like to work close with the youth to help them be successful.


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  1. I really liked your article, and How you referred back to the Digital Natives article about on some of these resources are not available to those students, and that is the hard part of our job. Good for you that you are going to stay in your home town, and get involved in the school system, they will be very lucky to have an advocate like you.