Tuesday, October 14, 2014

YDEV Event 1

YDEV Advising Day

Going to advising was great, I got to meet some of the people from the program.  We got to talk about our experience and some people were stress out as I was. I found out that most of the people there were graduating with me.  During the event we sat down on computers and fill our Plan of study. I felt the hardest part was filling up everything in our plan of studies because it took a long time. But once it was filled out it was easier to find out what classes we needed. We also talked about when classes were given to make sure we take the correct classes.

What did I learn from going to advising? Well first I learned that I have taken a lot of classes. Second I learned that I have to take a class I did not know about. Third I learned about how the NON- Profit studies works and how many other classes I needed.

Plus:  My plus from this event was that we got to go over our schedule to make sure if we were taking the correct classes. I got to see if am going to graduate on time.  Guess What! I will be Graduating in May! (If everything goes as plan) another plus from this event was that we got to pick our classes and put them on cart for next semester.

Our group advising reminds me of Prensky reading ( Digital Natives,2001)   about technology. We met in Gaige hall computer lab. We were in the computers updating our plan of study. Technology is getting advance now where everything is done online. If it wasn’t for the computers, we would take longer to do advising. Also on the computer we know our information will not get lost.
Delta: I wish we had more time to have one on ones.

Overall I think it was a great experience and advising! 

Plan of study of the Youth Development program 
Admission information  

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