Monday, December 8, 2014

Blog 8

For this assignment we watched the Creating Culturally Relevant Education.  I enjoyed watching this video because I related to it. I grew up in Providence and have been in similar situation as these youth.
One thing that stood out to me was one of the youth saying that it would have been better for them if the teachers acted as their mentors as well as their teacher. I believe it is important for youth to create a connection with the teacher. I believe that a relationship between teacher and their student is important for the students success and education. Teacher should have relationship with their students to know their problems and that way they will know what is affecting them. If the teacher has a relationship with their students the teacher could help their youth to focus in school also try to find a solution. I look back and I wish that my teachers and I would have had that connection because I feel things would have been different. The teacher would have understood me in an other level.
Not only student and teachers relationship are important but also youth and parents relationship. Where parents could know what’s going on with their child to support them.  For example, I grew up with my parents where I had a great  relationship with them. My parents were involved if I was having a good day and always asked me if I had a problem. My parents were also worried about my education where they wanted me to get good grades. Parents are a great support for youth. 
It’s important to understand the diverse cultures. As  a youth worker its important to recognize where the youth comes from and learn about their experience. We know to know that everyone is different.

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