Tuesday, December 2, 2014

For my second event I attended the annual Rhode Island College open house. I have never attended an open house so it was a great experience. The open was for freshman and transfer students.
When I got to the Murray center, I was unsure what to expect. I thought it was going to be crowded but there was a great amount of people there. I saw lots of parents and students. There were many professors, stuff and students helping out with the event. I started looking around for the YDEV table. We were located in the back.   Corinne and classmates welcomed me.  We had a table with the education. We had bubbles, pencils, candy and brochures. Justina and I started walked around to talk to students to see if they were interest in the YDEV program. After we got a  table that was not being used and made it ours. We put all of stuff there and made it official we were the YDEV table separate from the Education table. We had students interest and we had social work students sending people over from their table.
I felt we had a good amount of students interest in the YDEV program. The students were excited about the program. They had many question so did the parents. I was excited to let people know about our great program. I also talked to a senator from Providence that was there and tried to convince is he’s son to join our program.
One thing that I would do different is get a bigger sign or get a banner. Another thing is maybe have a laptop or screen to show what we do and talk about our program. This reminds me of Digital Native (Prensky, 2001). The reason it reminds of me of Digital Native is because we are growing in a society where technology is important. It also related to our YDEV classes, where we use Blogs and technology.

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  1. I also was there and it was a great experience for me to practice my public speaking as well as interact with incoming freshman. Great Pictures.