Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Resilient kids is a program that offers an innovative yoga and mindfulness curriculum working with the students in their schools. The programs mission is the social, emotional and academic growth though mindfulness. Resilient kids are now in many schools in Rhode Island.
Before the Video I did not know about resilient kids. Watching the video taught me what they do. The program  has improved youth’s academic and behavior. I believe its great for children to practice this in schools. It’s a way to stay positive in schools and better the students. In just a few minutes can make the difference. It helps by calming and relaxing students. As seen in the video the yoga stretch helps the youth calm their mind. In many cases youth can’t do this on their own. Resilient is a great tool to learn how to clam and focus in school. for example, one of the boys said he’s doing better and in school (exams, better grades). The other said thanks to resilient kids he likes going to school. Mindfulness helps youth improve self-esteem, mood, and decease anxiety and stress. What I can tell from the video is that Resilient kids is making great progress in youth with their mindfulness techniques.
I hope that Resilient kids continues making change in youth to continue their progress. I hope that their works continues so we could have them in all school systems. 

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  1. It is great to see that this program is helping children in a positive way, as in liking school better now and seeing their grades improve. Not only academic wise is this program great but physically it is great for people too.